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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a very tricky medium to get up in the ranks of the powerful search engines.  We do recommend anyone with a website to invest into SEO over time.  When we mention over time, please note that it often takes at the very minimum four months in order to be […]

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is imperative to any campaign as the messages you relay to your audience will play a crucial role into cultivating them into paying customers.  Beautiful and elaborate graphics are a must have these days in the digital world.  We would recommend hiring a team or individual who can provide artwork for your email […]

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is an important and a must have strategy now in marketing.  It is important to have experts managing your email campaigns; you’ll want someone to be able to automate emails and set work-flow triggers on the campaigns so you can nurture your leads in the most efficient way possible.  Popular platforms in the […]

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a challenging form of marketing online to consumers in this day and age.  Of course, we’d recommend a powerful marketing mix and it is very important to include some digital marketing.  One reason why we say it is challenging is because the cost of it can easily get pretty high if campaigns […]

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Websites & E-Commerce

Websites are a must in today’s world. It is imperative to have a website that is responsive and one that can capture your audience. When we say “capture”, we mean it should draw users to interact with the website. Users should be looking at all your pages: reading blogs, looking at images, and generally exploring […]

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The Simple Yet Effective Benefits Of Facebook For Small Businesses

Facebook is a very versatile tool to have in your arsenal as a small business owner. Firstly creating a Facebook page costs you nothing. With only a small time investment you are able to create a professional looking online presence in a matter of minutes. Suddenly you are able to reach out to your customers […]

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3 Things About Digital Your Boss Wants To Know

Analytics and Data- Your boss is going to want real-time analytics in many cases and will want data for every campaign you are running for your company or clients. It’s going to be important that you illustrate every single detail and be as specific as possible in your reporting. Most programmatic and digital platforms do […]

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Common Misconceptions About Advertising

Advertising is often referred to as an art and method of attracting business that is very expensive and only for larger businesses. That is not the case and is certainly not true for many small businesses. Advertising, just like anything, can be expensive but can also be very affordable if one does their homework and […]

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Tools Everyone In The Marketing Industry Should Be Using

Marketing is constantly changing every few months. Software and the creation of new platforms is really what is the propelling factor behind all of the change. Just a few years ago, many digital marketers were manually placing orders on ad networks to buy digital media, formerly known as interactive media, through companies the old fashioned […]

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Why We Love Marketing (And You Should, Too!)

Marketing is an amazing thing, yes it is! Marketing has changed a lot over the last 10 years; analytics is a huge part of marketing and as experts data attracts us more than anything. In the past, businesses would advertise in a billboard or on a radio and it was quite difficult to get concise […]

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